How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Theologians, therapists and thinkers agree that gratitude is the most impactful virtue.  Developing a habit of giving thanks can literally change your life.  It’s a life skill that will improve your life in many ways.

You can begin by simply seeking out the gifts God gives. See them everywhere – the great and the small. Pause and give thanks in the moment.  You will experience satisfying joy.

Jesus is our role model. At his last meal with his disciples before his death, he gave thanks.

he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them Luke 22:19

In the original language the word for “gave thanks” is eucharisteo. It is actually three words wrapped into one and means thanks, grace or gift and joy.

When we express gratitude for the grace or gifts in our lives, we experience joy.

Giving thanks brings the miracle of wholeness. Jesus healed ten men of a disfiguring disease. (Luke 17:11-19) Only one came back to express gratitude. When he did Jesus said, “Your faith has made you whole.” All ten men experienced healing but the one who expressed gratitude was made whole.

Giving thanks thrills the heart of God.  Parents love to hear their children express gratitude for the things they provide. God is that way too. A simple thank you goes a long way! Thanksgiving is the key to unlock God’s presence.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving Psalm 100:4

Giving thanks changes your perspective. We can’t always control what happens in our lives but we can control our response.  Gratitude has the power to change the way we think about our lives. In fact, gratitude is more important than circumstances when determining how rich your life is. Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want; it comes from being grateful for what you have.

There so are many benefits of gratitude, we can’t afford not to be grateful people. What are you grateful for?