Favor With Other People

Think of a time when another person blessed you. It may have been a boss, a family member, a friend or someone you just met. When other people want to do something good for you – something that benefits you without expecting anything in return – then you are experiencing favor with other people.

While the favor of God is something you receive, the favor of man is something you can influence. You can actually cultivate an environment in which people want to go out of their way to be nice to you, say good things about you and give you what you may not even deserve.

The Bible says in Proverbs 3:4 that it is possible to have the favor of God and man at the same time. It is a fallacy to believe that you need to be disliked by other people in order to have the favor of God operating in your life. Some Christians wear their inability to get along with people as a badge of honor . But it doesn’t have to be the case. The truth is that we can maintain our integrity without compromising, but still experience favor with people.

Consider Samuel in the Old Testament as a person who enjoyed the best of both worlds. According to 1 Samuel 2:26, Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the Lord and with people. You can follow the same biblical blueprint. God wants you to live in favor – with God and man. Favor opens new doors of opportunity and influence.

The following are five attitudes and behaviors you can embrace to cultivate the environment in which favor with other people can arise:

Humility – The more you grow in humility, the more favor will grow in your life. There is power in genuine humility.

Faithfulness – If you want favor, be faithful, which involves trustworthiness and dependability. The more faithful you are, the amount of favor in your life will grow.

Kindness – Kindness creates incredible favor. The kinder you are to the people around you, the more favor will spread in your life. Selfishness, insensitivity, fault-finding, judgmental attitudes and ungratefulness all destroy favor.

Honor – When you honor and respect people, favor comes. It has been said that the culture of heaven is honor.

Cause – Live for a greater cause than just yourself. An act of service done for others creates favor. Favor comes when you live life generously.

You don’t need to compromise your convictions to have favor with people. Billy Graham had favor with U.S. Presidents. Mother Theresa was universally admired. Both of them maintained their stance with the courage of their convictions, but they also had favor with people because they practiced the five attitudes and behaviors. They demonstrated humility, faithfulness, kindness, honor and a cause-driven life. You can, too. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

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