Favor with God

The Bible is filled with epic stories of people who found favor with God. They didn’t earn it. They didn’t deserve it. They didn’t make it happen. They didn’t work for it. They found it.

Esther experienced favor that opened doors she could never open. She was an orphan living in exile and yet she became the queen of Persia. Favor placed her in a position of influence that she later used to rescue her people. (Read more about Esther)

Joseph found favor wherever he went. Time and again when his situation looked bleak, God’s favor turned it all around for good! (Read more about Joseph)

Favor gave David victory over his adversaries. It rescued Noah from the flood. It made the impossible possible for Moses. Favor will bring unexpected blessings to your life.

So how do you experience favor?

Pray for an awareness of favor – Here is the truth about favor, God has already given you the gift of his favor.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests. Luke 2:14 NIV

Pray and ask for favor (Job 33:26). Connect with God daily to be reminded of the favor he is already given.

Declare it so – Words are powerful. So proclaim God’s favor over your life. Say, I have favor with God and with man, and something good is going to happen to me today.

Live with expectancy – Move forward into this new year with a sense of wonder, not worry and fear. Expectancy keeps hope alive and will help you walk in faith.

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