Come As You Are

Christmas is for outcasts, for people on the margins of life, for people just like you and me.

The very first folks invited to celebrate the birth of our Savior were shepherds on the hills in the outskirts of town. Here’s the truth about shepherds, it was not a noble profession. Shepherds were unclean. They were not welcome to worship in the temple. When the angel welcomed them to the manger, he welcomed the lowest of low. (Luke 2:8-20)  There is no one too humble, no one unworthy of God’s gift of love to the world.

Next on the scene were three wise men, philosophers, astronomers, highly educated men with resources to travel. They came a great distance to see the baby foretold in the heavens by one glorious star. Their presence at the lowly manger proves that no one is too great, no one has arrived, no one is above their need for rescue. (Matt 2:1-12)

For great and small, good news has come.

For simple and wise, God is with us.

We are all invited, all called to the manger to worship the Infant-King.

And to each one of us, Jesus says, “Come As You Are.”