All Things in Common

I love that I am a part of what God put in place to bring hope and healing to our world, his Church.

We read in Acts 2:42-47 that the first century church was growing and quickly becoming what Jesus intended it to be, a movement of people who were like-minded, had the same attitude and purpose, and were living the adventure of a lifetime. Verse 44 says that “they had all things in common.” In other words, they could all relate to one another, no one felt alone or excluded, they all probably had similar challenges, issues and testimonies.

As different as I can imagine they all were, they were still the same.

They all wanted to learn, they valued relationships, they saw miracles take place, they were generous and they were grateful. They also met in the temple and in homes. I believe their unity and passion moved the hand of God and many were being saved.

We are all still different but we all have the same needs, and that is relationships. Everyone has a need to connect with others and have great friends. We all have the need to be loved and to love others.

The two most important relationships we all need are with God and others. Jesus told the religious rulers in Matthew 22, that the greatest commandment was to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself.” He was saying that we all would need these two relationships and we should value them, develop them, celebrate them and never take them for granted. We all need these two relationships in our lives in order to be fulfilled and live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

We here at Shoreline, know the importance of these two relationships and are committed to help you establish them in your life. You will often hear about a God that loved you so much that He gave his son Jesus as a sacrifice for you and you will also hear about how you can get connected and make great friends in small groups or serving teams.

Shoreline is a church of relationships because we all need them, we have that in common and it would be our joy to help you get connected.

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