A Second Chance – The Veil 2016

An orphaned child waits with no real mother, no real father to claim her and nobody to say, “This child is mine”. There is no one to keep her, protect her, love her or simply be with her. She finds herself alone, again.

Then a stranger steps up – a man with a family of his own who says, ”I will make a place for her.” The child, having lived a life of rejection continues to act out of the belief that she is unloved, perhaps even unlovable. The man provides a comfortable room for her to call her own. He cooks her dinner to welcome her. He does all he knows to do to make her feel included but she doesn’t accept it. Unable to deal with the rise of the emotions she feels deep inside, she grabs the two things she brought to this new house, her backpack and sketchbook, and she runs.  She runs until the sun begins to set and she finds an abandoned barn for shelter and protection.

With frustrated fury, she opens her sketchbook and presses deep into the blank paper scratching bold, hardened lines with her pencil – lines as dark as void she feels within. She turns to the next page only to find something that wasn’t supposed to be there and it stops her dead in her tracks. She sees a hand-drawn picture of her new family; her dad and two brothers surrounding a stick figure version of her, finished off with the words, “Welcome Home.”

Can you imagine the overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance this girl must have felt the moment she saw herself included in the picture? Overjoyed, she runs back to the house twice as fast as she left it, hoping and wishing that the man who drew the picture would still want her back. On the way home she thinks about the things she had done, the way she acted out and the names she called him out of her own pain. Maybe she even fought with herself about the possibility that because of her actions, he may turn her away, locking the door never to look back. Isn’t that what she deserves?

She comes up to the door of the house, turns the knob (it is unlocked) and steps in to find the man who had drawn her into his family not only waiting for her, but calling around, frantically looking for her! The Father God’s love is just like that of the father in this story. We are adopted into his family, not by anything we did to deserve it, but only because of the grandeur of His love and mercy. He is a God that doesn’t give up on His children. And being His children, we get what we don’t deserve – a second chance.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8 NIV