440 Hz Find Your Financial Reference Point

Notes collide. A cacophony fills the concert hall as musicians loosen their fingers and warm up their lips. That is until the oboe plays one particular note – A above middle C. Everyone adjusts their instrument to the oboe’s A, a sound wave of 440 Hz.  The orchestra tunes, each individual finding its place in the whole.  Anticipation builds as it all comes into balance.

In this series of messages we are talking about fine tuning your financial world.  There are three laws of tuning:

  1. Have a reference point
  2. Have a clear objective
  3. Make constant corrections

440 Hz, A above middle C, is the orchestra’s reference point.  When each instrument tunes in, melodies ring out with complimentary harmonies and noisy notes become a beautiful symphony.

How do we find our financial reference point? Jesus gave us the key to unlock the map:

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

Follow the trail of your treasure and you will find the location of your heart. Does God have your heart or does your motorcycle have your heart? Does God have your heart or does your closet have your heart?  The position of your heart is revealed by what you do with your treasure.

Here is your assignment Shoreline – become a private investigator and spy on your money. Find out where it is going! Write down every expenditure and analyze your outflow. Your spreadsheet has a story to tell and it’s important to read it.

If our heart is foundational to living out the Christian life, we can’t be casual or indifferent about how we manage our resources. We have to know what our money is telling us about our heart.  We may need to do a little fine tuning so we can bring our financial world into balance.