Your Move

Three groups of people come to the scene of an accident.  Onlookers simply want to catch a glimpse of what happened. Reporters arrive to investigate what took place and find someone to blame. Paramedics move in with clear intentions – to bring healing and hope to the victims of the accident.

As we pass by hurting, sin-sick humanity it’s easy to assume the role of onlooker, gawking at the wreckage of another wasted life or lost soul, shaking our heads at the damage that’s been done.

It’s tempting to pick up our notebooks and start scrutinizing everything. Interviewing the eye-witnesses, asking probing questions, searching for answers and trying to figure out who’s at fault because we need someone to blame for all the pain and suffering.

What would it take to be the ones who move in?

That’s what Jesus did.

He didn’t look the other way when he saw someone hurting. He didn’t judge or try to find someone to blame.

The Bible tells us Jesus was moved with compassion. Love motivated him to move in. And he wasn’t afraid to get dirty. He was known as a friend of sinners. He didn’t distance himself from lost people. He sought them out. He found them. And when he found them, they found life.

God is passionate about redeeming lost and hurting people. That is the good news Jesus asked us to share. He wants us to partner with him to find lost people and help them find new life.

So what is your move? It can be as simple as inviting someone to church. Our new six week sermon series Questions starts this Sunday. We all have questions about faith, Why not invite someone this weekend? Studies show the vast majority of people will come if you just ask.

Luke 19:10 NLT “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

We want to know – How do you share your faith? Do our invite tools help you?