Top Ten Reasons Why Shoreline Volunteers Rock

Shoreline volunteers rock. They rock so much we couldn’t keep the list to just ten reasons why. So here are 16 reasons why Shoreline Volunteers Rock along with a special invitation!

16. Shoreline volunteers rock because they value doing life together and make people feel like they belong.

15. Shoreline small group hosts rock because they open their homes and their hearts to help people make great friends.

14. Shoreline parking team volunteers rock because rain or shine they are in place to welcome our guests.

13. Shoreline volunteers rock because they step out of their comfort zone, build authentic relationships and lead others.

12. Shoreline production volunteers rock because they go the extra mile to make sure we can all see, hear and soak up a supernatural worship experience.

11. Shoreline greeters rock because they are enthusiastic about smiling, shaking hands and giving hugs

10. ShorelineKids volunteers rock because they give it all.  They serve from 30 minutes before the service till well after service.  They do everything with a smile and energy that points kids to Jesus

9. Shoreline volunteers rock because they are willing to allow God to use them to make a difference even though they aren’t perfect.

8. Shoreline ushers rock because they are diligent about keeping order while having fun with their fellow team members.

7. Shoreline Celebrate Recovery volunteers rock because they are here every single week even on holidays to help us deal with our hurts, habits and hang ups.

6. Shoreline youth volunteers rock because of their dedicated investment in the next generation.

5. Shoreline Connect Center team rocks because they get to know people and their stories by having conversations.

4. Shoreline design and hospitality team volunteers rock because they create the environment that makes everyone feel at home.

3. Shoreline volunteers rock because they have regular jobs and still make it a priority to volunteer.

2. Shoreline worship volunteers rock because they keep learning new songs and faithfully lead us in worship by their example.

1.Shoreline volunteers rock because they ask, “What else can I do to help?”


We are deeply grateful for all of the ways that Shoreline volunteers invest their time, talent, and treasure to make Shoreline the special place it is. 

As we kickoff the fall season, we want to take an evening to appreciate our volunteers and share the clear vision God has given us for the future! So, please mark your calendar and click here to rsvp for TEAM NIGHT – a special evening filled with fun, food, music, gifts and more!!


Wednesday, August 9th at 7 pm on the North Campus.
Thursday, August 10th at 7 pm on the South Campus.

We can’t wait to celebrate YOU!