The Magnificent Love of the Father

Pastor Rob brought three Shoreline pastors together to help him teach about the God, The Father this Father’s Day. We learned that God is tuned in, he is active in loving us and he is our guide.

Pastor Luke shared  how his father was tuned into his victories and his defeats. Whether he was holding the record for the most 3’s shot in a basketball game or feeling like everything was wrong because his girlfriend broke up with him, his father was there. He shared how in the bible we read about the prodigal son who takes his inheritance, leaves his father’s house and spends all his money on temporary things. When he is left with nothing and doesn’t know what to do, he decides to go back to his father’s house as a servant. Much to his surprise, when he was still a long way off his father saw him, ran to him, hugged him and threw a party for him.

That is how God sees us. When we are still a long way off He says… “is that my son, is that my daughter. We have to throw a party because they have returned.” He runs to us with arms wide open ready to receive us and love us just like we had never left. God is tuned into our lives, watching and not just waiting for us to come home, but seeking us out, pursing us, taking steps towards us, anticipating the moment when we return to Him. The Father is tuned in.

Pastor Tyson shared about trying to teach his 2 year old to play hide and seek. He would say, “Symphony, I am going to close my eyes and count. You go hide and then daddy is going to try to find you.” She would be so excited to play the game, but time after time she wouldn’t run and hide. After several attempts to teach her the rules of this game he finally said “Sym, you don’t understand. You are supposed to hide from daddy and be quiet while I try to find you.”  She responded, “But daddy, I want you to find me.” In this moment, it clicked what innocent pure faith this little girl had. She longed to be found by her father. We are the same way. Our spirit longs to be found by the father and maybe we try to hide it, but deep down we just want to be found. The Father is active in loving us.

Pastor Sam shared how the father is our guide. He gave the example of using a GPS and how we  find so much comfort in hearing the instructions, “in 500 feet, turn left.” We desire the security of that guide. But one time he was using his GPS for directions to a friends house and the GPS brought him to a field and then said, “Stop the car and walk the next 5 miles.” The Father is our guide, but he will never look at us and say “Okay, I have brought you this far, now you are on your own.” No! He will never leave you and He will never forsake you. You can rest in the security of knowing he e is your guide and he will be with you always. That is just who he is. The Father is our guide.

The Father chooses relationship with us. He knows what we need even before we ask. Jesus said when we pray we should address God as “Our Father.”  Paul went even further referring to God as “Abba, Father” which is translated to Daddy. Our God chooses relationship with us.

If you are a father, we encourage you to make these same choices, imitate our Father in heaven. Tune in. Be active in loving your children. Be a guide your children can follow. Happy Father’s Day!