The Art of Neighboring

My husband Jimmy and I live in an older subdivision with half-acre lots and no HOA. It’s a country feel but still only fifteen minutes to HEB. We love where we live – our neighborhood and our neighbors.

Chong lives next door. She’s been there for thirty years. When she was harvesting dates from her tree, Jimmy brought over our tall ladder to make the task a little easier. She brought over a box of donuts. (So much for my healthy eating habits.)

Bruce and Susan live across the street with their two children. Bruce was teaching his son how to ride a bike without training wheels. I silently cheered him on, not wanting to distract. When we ran out of lighter fluid for our BBQ pit, Jimmy asked me to run to the store. I ran to Bruce’s house and he gave us a container of lighter fluid and told us to keep it.

Love Where You Live is a citywide sermon series that will encourage us to develop relationships with our neighbors. The premise is simple. When Jesus said, “love your neighbor as yourself,” he offered a strategy for us to reach our community starting right next-door.

We The Church is Shoreline’s own sermon series and small group study that will encourage people to discover and fulfill God’s highest purposes – to know him, to find life and to make a difference. This series could be the most life-changing study of your life as you celebrate and live out your divine destiny.

The culmination of all this is National Night Out on Tuesday, October 6th. We will have the opportunity to put into action all we will be learning during Sunday services and in small groups over the next couple of months. National Night Out is designed to strengthen neighborhood spirit and police/community relationships.

Will you host a small group? Our goal is that everyone  has a place to be invited, included, make friends, find their purpose and take one step closer to God.

Will you host a National Night Out gathering at your home? Contact

Let’s do what we say in the Shoreline creed each week, “be the church in the world and live this love revolution.”