Join a Summer Hangout Today

I saw the fork in the road beginning to form and knew I had to make a choice. Should I put a smile on my face, hope and pray no one would ask me, “where’s your husband?” and isolate? Or should I do what I tell everyone else to do when life is changing: get involved in a small group, be transparent and vulnerable, and ask for prayer and support?

In the midst of pain, I chose to be real. Honestly, I don’t know how not to be real.

I shared my story with my friend Lesley. She knew I liked being active. She invited me to the running Hangout she was a part of. I met up with Lesley and the rest of the Hangout on a Saturday morning. I was immediately welcomed.

We meet up and pray, then take off on the trail. Some of us run, some of us run and walk. There’s no pressure to be fast or the best. It’s all about being active and developing friendships. We all meet up and have breakfast together afterwards. We share our celebrations, our food (well some of us), and support each other through life’s struggles. I know I belong.

Hangouts are doing what you love and inviting others. Summer is a great time to join a Hangout. Click here to search through all the options.

If you don’t find a Hangout that is doing what you love to do, you can host one too! Click here to fill out our volunteer form. It’s a simple process and you’ll have support along the way.

If running isn’t something you love to do, we have plenty of other Hangouts for you to get involved: family game night, bowling, art, golf, motorcycles, walking, cooking, sewing, and the list goes on.

The best way I know to do life is together in a small group.