How to Have a Great Summer

I love to have fun with my friends and meet new people, because you never know who may just end up being your friend.

We love doing life with others at Shoreline and Hangouts are one of the ways we make that happen. Hangouts are doing what you love and inviting others. Wouldn’t that make for a great summer? This isn’t a new thing. In fact, it was modeled for us in the early days of the Church.

The believers shared a common purpose, and every day they spent much of their time together in the Temple area. They also ate together in their homes. They were happy to share their food and ate with joyful hearts. Acts 2:46 ERV

Last summer I hosted a Hangout at a pizza place. We ate, laughed, and got to know each other. I met some great people. Some of them were already my friends, others I met at church and extended a personal invitation to join us. I met Renee at my Hangout and we’ve been friends ever since. We laugh together, pray together, and we share the same love for Jesus, trail walking, and food!

Maybe you already have a great group of friends. I encourage you to host a Hangout, invite your friends, and extend the invitation to others. You may make a new friend like I did with Renee.

Maybe you are new to Shoreline or new to Austin and you are ready to meet some people. That’s what Hangouts are all about. Whether it’s eating a meal together, playing games, or taking a walk; we all share a common purpose – loving Jesus and the people he puts in our lives. Life is truly better together!

Be sure to join us this coming Sunday, June 4th for our Hangouts Kickoff. We’ll be outside between services with fun for the whole family. We’ll have yard games for everyone and a water slide bounce house for the kids. We’ll have ice cream too!  Can you say Yummmmy? It’s the perfect way to kickoff a great summer!

Click here for information on joining or hosting a Hangout. 


Written by Stacy McVane