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Heart for the House 2017-18

A Letter from Pastors Rob & Laura

We love what God is doing at Shoreline. Every week, people discover and develop a relationship with God by experiencing his unconditional love and matchless grace. They find life through friendships that provide support in the challenges and celebration in the victories. And they realize that their time, talent, and treasure can make a real difference in the world.

Each year in our heart for the house campaign, we take time to talk about what God is inspiring us to focus on and how you can be a part of it. 2018 is all about resourcing the next generation.

Clean water for Haiti

God has knit our hearts together with Danita’s Children, an extensive ministry that cares for over 100 orphans and provides education and health care in Haiti. Because of your generosity we have built 2 Caleb House orphanages, and a children's hospital wing. We are also helping to fund college education for graduates from these Caleb houses. This year our special Heart for the House offering will help to purchase clean water for Haiti. Special filtered water bottles will give thousands of Haitians an opportunity for healthy drinking water.

Caleb Club Poland

Shoreline Poland is constructing a home for children whose parents are struggling with alcohol addiction and for those who have chosen life over abortion, but cannot care for their children. Part of this special offering will help finish the project, which is accepting students in January 2018. The mission of this orphanage is to create an environment where children will experience the love of Jesus and succeed in life by discovering who God created them to be.

Building and programming

We are totally excited about all of the renovations that have been taking place here on the Shoreline campuses. Over the last few years we've completely renovated all of the children’s spaces, our youth rooms, lobbies and reception areas. As ministry continues to grow and expand the heart for the house offering enables us to renovate new classrooms for South and North and provide needed upgrades to all of our campus and programming needs.

Local outreach

Shoreline is passionate about reaching out to our local community. Food banks, crisis pregnancy centers, prison ministry, reaching out to the victims of sex trafficking, providing backpacks for financially disadvantaged students are all a part of our ongoing desire to bring heaven to earth in the Austin metroplex. The heart for the house offering will enable us to continue to fund these efforts.

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