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Small Group Host Role Description

Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader within Shoreline’s Small Group ministry! As a host, you will have the opportunity to serve Small Groups by acknowledging and nurturing leadership traits in yourself and others, fostering and multiplying healthy groups and supporting the Shoreline Small Group Mission. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Small Group Host Role Description

Mission Statement: Doing life together.

Goal: Our goal is to develop and empower leaders to host Small Groups in every neighborhood, on campus, off campus, at your workplace, or favorite restaurant or cafe.  (1.7 million people live in the Austin Metroplex, which means thousands of groups are needed.)

Requirements of a Small Group Host:

  • Follow the Shoreline Small Group Vision, agree with the Shoreline Creed and consider Shoreline your ‘home’ church.
  • Register & attend Shoreline Life.
  • Fill out serving form, attend New Host Training and be approved by Shoreline staff.
  • Volunteer approximately 3 to 5 hours per week to fulfill responsibilities of this area of service. This includes serving on a Sunday serving team.
  • Care for group members by support, prayer, encouragement, and empowering them to use their gifts and talents to serve others.
  • Host a group and identify an intern with plans to multiply the group and serve the people in the group.
  • Continue your own spiritual and leadership journey by attending Shoreline Life, reading recommended leadership books, worship, prayer and getting to know your coach.
  • Live a life of character described in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.
  • Use social media responsibly – watch what you are posting with pictures, activities and statements. Please keep your posts positive and life giving. People are following you. You are a leader.
  • Do not exhibit alcohol or offer alcohol in your group, under any circumstance.
  • Do not drink alcohol at church events or bring alcohol to church events.

Responsibilities of a Small Group Host:
As a Host, you will:

  • Lead to the Shoreline Vision of unveiling God’s love & Small Group mission statement of doing life together.
  • Support Small Group events including kick-offs.
  • Serve on a Sunday serving team and invite people to get connected in a small group and serving team.
  • Shoreline will have several sermon series small group studies per year. Our expectation is that each host commits to leading two each year and/or hosting a Hangout group or general approved study.
  • Understand and fulfill administrative responsibilities by providing a weekly recap to your members, post attendance in InFellowship within 48 hours of your group meeting, manage open prospects and update group status. InFellowship is a vital tool we use to reach people and measure success. If you need help please let your Coach or Staff know.
  • Recruit new members from your various circles of influence at church and in your community. Include your intern to help administratively. Everyone needs friends. Be an inviter. We hope to reach many who haven’t attended church yet- when they do please email their name, phone number, email and date of birth to Small Group Staff ( so they can be added to your roster. Everyone counts.
  • Communicate with your coaches and staff about the health of your group, intern status, and any other trouble- shooting needed. Get to know your coach; they are your leaders and support. A valuable asset.
  • Your Coach may visit your group and will be available by text, phone calls, and/or email. Please respond to their invitation and their leadership.  Be open and teachable. We all need a coach.
  • Accompany your intern to the next New Host Training, if possible.
  • Reach out to your group members
    • by praying for them
    • by caring (embrace them as family – send birthday messages, personally invite them to events, visit them in the hospital, create care calendars when in need of meals, celebrate their successes, be available for their valleys and mountain top experiences.)
    • by consistently and meaningfully connecting with them using a variety of methods: in your small group study, one on one meetings, email/mail, text, Facebook, phone calls, lunches, inviting them to serve with you. Have fun as you’re embracing new friends.
    • by mentoring, identifying and encouraging interns to grow in spiritual maturity and leadership through facilitating a discussion, praying out loud, asking insightful questions, suggesting appropriate leadership materials, and encouraging serving together. Draw the ministry out of your members by speaking life and letting them know they are talented and have something to contribute to others.
    • by mobilizing your members to support Small Group and church-wide events and outreaches. Inviting them to serve with you will provide them with a sense of belonging.
    • by “Friend”ing them on Facebook, Twitter; @shorelineatx and @shorelinegroups on Twitter; “Like” the Shoreline Small Group and Shoreline Church Facebook pages and follow us on Instagram @ShorelineSmallGroups and @ShorelineChurch
    • Please post and encourage others to post their stories on the Small Group Facebook page and/or email them to small group staff,
    • Please participate in prayer and fasting on Wednesday and find prayer focus on Shoreline Small Groups Facebook page. Please “Like” Shoreline Small Groups Facebook page.

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