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Small Group Coach Role Description

Thank you for becoming a leader within Shoreline’s Small Group ministry! As a Small Group Coach, you will have the opportunity to develop healthy and fun relationships with and serve Small Group Hosts by acknowledging and nurturing leadership traits in others, fostering and multiplying healthy groups and supporting the Shoreline Small Group Mission.   If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us  or We look forward to supporting and partnering with you as you partner with others.

Small Group Coach Role Description

Mission Statement: Doing life together.

Goal:  Our goal is to identify, develop and empower leaders to host small groups in every neighborhood, on campus, off campus, at your workplace or favorite restaurant/cafe. Encourage people to host Hangout groups – do what you love with others. We are always looking for, and recruiting hosts so we can continue to reach more people.

Requirements of a Small Group Coach:

  • Carry out the Shoreline Small Group Vision.
  • Coaching is a 1 year commitment.
  • Volunteer approximately 5 hours per week to fulfill responsibilities.
  • Identify hosts and coach interns & multiply your existing Small Group if needed.
  • Take a coach intern alongside you as you fulfill your responsibilities and have fun.
  • Coach the hosts through relationships, fun, support, prayer, encouragement, empowerment, and recommending Shoreline Life.
  • Coaches attend the Shoreline Life class.
  • Support Small Group events church-wide.
  • Meet with your hosts at least once a month, when you are both at church. Meet for coffee and prayer. (30 minutes)
  • Check your span of care weekly.
  • Check your host’s attendance weekly.
  • Check your host’s prospects weekly.
  • Communicate and train hosts how to do their attendance and how to respond to their prospects.
  • Assist hosts in doing their attendance and inspect if they are reaching out to their prospects.

Continuing Responsibilities of a Small Group Coach:

As a Coach, you will:

  • Pray for your designated hosts by name
  • Recruit new hosts and identify interns
  • Recruit another coach to come along side of you
  • Attend coaching meetings and attend Shoreline Life
  • Serve on Sundays on the Connect Center Team to help people get connected or with children or youth
  • Connect with your host for encouragement, direction, follow-up
  • Continue to grow and develop as a leader by resourcing yourself (books, Podcasts, Webinars, etc.)
  • Report to Small Group staff  any concerns or celebration items
  • Post stories on Small Group FB or share stories with Small Group staff (
  • Check your hosts prospects
  • Check  your hosts attendance

Practical Tips:

  • Care for your hosts: embrace them as family – send birthday messages, personally invite them to events, visit them in the hospital, create care calendars when in need of meals, celebrate their successes, be available for their sadness, etc.
  • Consistently and meaningfully connect with your hosts using a variety of methods: one on one meetings, in teams, email/mail, phone calls, texts, Facebook, lunches, and (know the condition of your flock Prov. 27:23).
    • Recommendations to connecting w/your hosts before a sermon series kick off:
      • Please send an email to all hosts in your span of care one week before a sermon series kick off.  (please see attached email template below)
      • Please follow up w/a text for those who didn’t respond within 48 hours. (Very similar and refer to the email)
      • A phone call within 72 hours for those who don’t respond to email for text.
      • A thank you to all who respond.
      • Friend all your hosts on Facebook.
      • Please send a list of those who don’t respond to you within 4 days to Pastor Kelly Mata,
    • Please connect with your hosts on a bi-weekly basis throughout the year via call, text, or email.  Whatever communication works best for them.
  • Problem solve by inquiring about their groups and assist in finding help.
  • Mentor hosts to grow in spiritual maturity and leadership skill.
  • Provide feedback: share areas of greatness as well as opportunity of improvements in hosting a group (1. Make sure to include areas in which they excelled; 2. Explain how they can better reach their full potential; 3. Remind them of their talents and the difference they are making for now and eternity. 4. Let them know they are appreciated.)
  • Understand/guide through Infellowship: help manage your hosts’ open prospects, attendance and updates (you may need to do this for your host if your host is not computer savvy or better yet, recruit someone with administrative gifts.)
  • Check  your Span of Care – these are the hosts you oversee – please follow up weekly. We will be adding new hosts frequently. Hosts may move their homes to different zip codes and get a new coach.
  • Mobilize your assigned hosts to serve on Sundays.
  • Be their social network friend; follow your hosts and interact with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also follow @shorelineatx  and @shorelinegroups on Twitter, and @shorelinesmallgroups on Instagram.  Please “Like” both the Shoreline Church and the Shoreline Small Group Facebook and follow them on Instagram.


Example of email to send to hosts:

 Hello Small Group Hosts:

I am so excited to see how God is going to move in our small groups through this ______ series. There has been such a great response already and people are ready to get connected.

With that in mind we are asking that you join us the next 4 consecutive Sundays in January thirty minutes before and after service, as we distribute the small group study packets in the lobby at Shoreline. Please see myself,  Stacy Saldivar or Sophie Martinez.

We need you to help people get as involved as possible by asking people to host or join a group and helping them through the simple process. If everyone invites their group members to help in the lobby, we’ll have a blast while helping people meet life-long friends!

I will also be making phone calls to confirm who is able to join us in the lobby! Also you can contact me at _______ if you want to text or call. I can’t wait to see you all soon 🙂

God Bless,


Leadership Resources:

Minute with Maxwell

Leadership Wired

Prime Time With God

Daily Reading

Financial Tips

Recommended books:

A Leaders Heart by John Maxwell

Becoming A Person Of Influence by John Maxwell

25 Ways To Win People by John Maxwell

360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell

5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

Axiom Powerful Leadership Proverbs by Bill Hybels

I Declare by Joel Osteen

Leadership Nuggets:

Leaders love first

Leaders are humble

Leaders are servants

Leaders are learners

Leaders are listeners

Leaders are encouragers

Leaders are communicators

Leaders are influencers

Leaders are fun

Leaders smile

Leaders are ____________


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