Freedom to Party

A group of non-judgmental, supportive, nice people meet every Thursday evening at Shoreline North to get free from hurts, habits and hang-ups. This weekly meeting has recently become so effective and popular that more “chips” are being handed out at this gathering at Shoreline than at a casino in Las Vegas.

What happens at this meeting stays at this meeting – with Pastor Rob’s blessing – for good reason. It’s like a party for people who want to walk in freedom. Curious?

At 7 p.m., in the chapel on the first floor of Shoreline (to the right down the hall when you walk in the front doors) people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and life situations – Christian and future Christian alike – gather in a relaxed environment, remove their proverbial “mask” of superficial, social appearances and experience a freedom to be themselves. No matter the hurt, habit or hang-up, each person is accepted, loved and respected for being on a journey of personal growth.

It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant the “hurt” is. An emotional hurt from something that was said to you ten years ago qualifies you to attend this friendly, eye-opening meeting. Or you could be going through a divorce or a broken relationship. Maybe you have been abused. The Holy Spirit wants you to be healed from the inside out.

The “habit” can be as basic as anger or perfectionism or working too much or craving control of situations. Maybe you have trouble letting go to let God do His work in your life or you feel stuck.

Or you have hang-ups. You have difficulty forgiving someone. You have fear and worries dogging you constantly. You cannot stop eating too much or drinking too much. You cannot stop numbing yourself to forget your troubles. Listen, there is no shame in Christ. As the Bible says, God truly wants you to live in freedom, not only from the big “sins” in the world’s eyes but also from anything that holds you back from experiencing His joy, peace, love and confidence.

You would benefit from this Thursday evening gathering with the casino-like chips. The secret is out. This small group meeting is called Celebrate Recovery. And it’s for everyone.

Just because the person sitting next to you at the Thursday evening meet-up on the church’s north campus may be struggling with alcohol, drugs or sex addiction — and you’re not — doesn’t make your recovery from codependency, anger, control issues, unforgiveness, low self-esteem, escapism, fear, anxiety, over-eating, denial or past hurt any less important to God. And if you are struggling with alcohol, drugs or pornography, there is no better place than Celebrate Recovery to get the help you need – without being judged by anyone. God loves you!

The good news is that the stigma of “recovery” has been eliminated. Everyone needs to recover from something. Come hang out with a bunch of normal people who are honest with heartfelt prayers and sincere smiles, people who are discovering the freedom that Jesus Christ paid for at the cross. Come find out what the “chips” are all about.

All are welcome to attend Celebrate Recovery at Shoreline. Click the following link for more information.