3 Great Antidotes to 3 Great Temptations

3 Great Antidotes to 3 Great Temptations

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Deep inside we all desire God’s best of our lives. We want his blessings, his power and his anointing. But if we want to be all that God created us to be, we have to be aware of the three great temptations of the enemy and the three antidotes God provided.

Every problem, every fail, every strained relationship or negative consequence started with one of these three great temptations:

For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. I john 2:15 NIV

Thank God we have an antidote to each one:

  • For the lust of the flesh we have integrity.
  • For the pride of life we have humility.
  • For the lust of the eyes we have generosity.

Integrity – The most important currency you have is your credibility. If you have no credibility – you have no trust. If you have no trust – you have no leadership. If you have no leadership – you have no influence. If you have no influence – you’ll have no success. Integrity is the source of our credibility. Integrity doesn’t mean perfection; it means your public life and your personal life are the same. Be faithful in the small things and you will build a life of integrity.

Humility – If we were to categorize the worst sins, pride would reign at the top of the list. Pride is arrogant self-sufficiency. It keeps you from recognizing your need for a Savior. It disconnects you from others and blinds you to the faults in your own life. Humility on the other hand is making the choice to forgo status and use your influence to serve others. It’s not about being weak. It’s about living your life for a cause greater than yourself. You will cultivate humility when you live with dependence on God in service to others.

Generosity – The word “give” appears in the Bible 2152 times. Generosity is so important to God because it can be described as love in action. You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. Generosity thwarts the enemy’s temptation to diminish and destroy our lives through the lust of the eyes. Generosity honors God, it draws you closer to God and makes you more like Jesus. Generosity cures materialism. Every time you give, you break the grip of materialism and the rule of the lust of the eyes.

The enemy will continue to use the same strategies he has always used. But we have powerful antidotes. Humility will conquer pride. Integrity will destroy the lust of the flesh. Generosity overwhelms the lust of the eyes.


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